The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is happy to share several resources we created to help talk about issues of health equity and structural racism in health.

Our Structural Racism and Health Messaging Guide

To reach a Culture of Health that provides everyone in America a fair and just opportunity for health and wellbeing, we must identify, understand, confront, and remove the structural barriers to health and wellbeing, including racism, powerlessness, discrimination, and their consequences.

We are sharing this resource that contains durable and persuasive messages, metaphors, and visual cues to communicate about the connection between racism and health, and about persistent structural barriers to a Culture of Health.

RWJF video

Building a Bridge to Health for All People

We all have dreams for ourselves and our families. But we don’t all have the same opportunities to make those dreams come true—because of laws and social practices that place more value on some lives than others, based on race and class. It's like two bridges, one built to get people where they need to go, and the other built with barriers. People built those bridges—so together we can replace them with a new bridge that carries everyone toward health and wellbeing.

Watch our explainer video, and download our explainer graphics (below), on structural racism and health.

Bridge to Health Graphics

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Health Equity Graphics

Visualizing Health Equity: One Size Does Not Fit All 

When it comes to expanding opportunities for health, thinking the same approach will work universally is like expecting everyone to be able to ride the same bike. We’ve invested in creating multiple graphics to depict health equity. Scroll down to view and download.

Crosswalk Equity Graphic

A 2022 graphic of people crossing a street depicts the concepts of equality and equity.

Bike Equity Graphic

A 2022 graphic of people riding bikes depicts the concepts of Equality and Equity

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