Baby girl age 0-1 sitting on ground with mom or grandmother smiling with trees in background.
Three people of diverse ethnic backgrounds stand together.

Strengthening Our Public and Community Health


RWJF supports programs that are helping to expand our thinking about community partnerships that work together to pursue public and community health. 

We believe improving public and community health requires linking systems like hospitals, schools and health departments with community organizations, urban planners and developers, and business.

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Featured Initiatives

RWJF funds many initiatives in support of our vision for a Culture of Health. For this focus area, these initiatives were selected to demonstrate grantmaking that is helping us achieve the greatest impact. 

Group of multi-ethnic women walking down the stairs of gym. Three females in sportswear leaving the gym.

RWJF Culture of Health Prize

The RWJF Culture of Health Prize honors and elevates U.S. communities working at the forefront of advancing health and equity for all.

Carol Prevost, Polly, and her father Allen Workman, patients at St. Peter Family Practice, Olympia, Washington. Improving Chronic Illness Care

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

This national program highlights the many social and economic factors that influence health and shows how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play. The program also offers tools to understand the data and strategies that communities can use to move from education to action.

Many homes were destroyed when a powerful tornado hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

National Health Security Preparedness Index (NHSPI)

Is our nation and its people prepared for, protected from, and resilient in the face of health threats or incidents with potentially negative health consequences? The NHSPI helps prepare us with relevant and actionable information

Current Grant Opportunities

We realize that building a Culture of Health will take unprecedented collaboration and a deeper understanding of where barriers exist and how to overcome them.

We have previously funded opportunities in this area of focus with the goal to strengthen and advance health equity, and we have more work to do.